BG Cleaning Swab For Flute A32F


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BG Cleaning swab for flute,

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  • BG Cleaning swab for flute.
  • Very absorbent, particularly soft material protects against scratches.
  • Weight on the cord.
  • Microfiber, washable.
  • Handmade in France.

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2 reviews for BG Cleaning Swab For Flute A32F

  1. The G-Man

    Taken from Customer

    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 11, 2011

    Well-made and works very well

    It’s a bit larger than I expected – possibly because it’s marked ‘alto flute’, although I don’t recall there being a choice when I ordered it. But it squeezes easily through the instrument and removes all visible moisture in one sweep.

    With any pull-through cleaner there’s a potential weak point where the tail is fastened to the cloth, but on this item there’s a good overlap and plenty of stitching so I feel confident when pulling it through that I won’t pull the two apart.

    The only downside is shared by all pull-throughs – you have to have something else to clean the head joint (e.g., BG Headjoint Cleaner for Flute (Fits Wood or Metal Rods)). But for me it’s worth carrying the two items because using a pull-through is so much quicker than using a cloth and a rod.

  2. Siché Isabelle

    Taken from Customer

    Reviewed in France on January 31, 2016


    Very practical item and in line with my expectation fo

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