• For Electric Basses 5pcs (.046″, .065″, .085″ , .105″ , .130″).
  • It helps your nut work easily, quickly, and precisely. The Aluminum holder has three magnets to catch the nut file firmly, and the curved-shaped holder gives you a comfortable hold.
  • The three strong magnets hold the file of every thickness straight. Even if they are thinner files (.009″, .010″, .012″), the holder makes them strong against warping.
  • The side cutting of the aluminum holder makes better visibility of the filing point, and the round edge of the blade won’t hit the headstock easily.
  • All these nut files are made with a blackening treatment and a black oxide finish.
  • Made in Japan. Nut file size : 95 x 12mmMag-holder size : 105 x 20 x 10mm.