Japanese Starter Tool Kit for Guitar Luthiers JSK-1


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This toolkit includes the following products:

– Japanese Saw Nakaya 210 mm

– Oire Kakuri Japanese chisel 15 mm.

– Japanese grinding stone.

– Japanese Hammer of Steel (Cover of Bronze) of 225 grams.

– 48 mm Japanese plane.


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Dozuki Saw Extra Fine 210mm Blade Replaceable
Use: cross section when creating fine furniture, manufacturing acoustic boxes and musical instruments.
Blade length: 210 mm, Blade thickness: 0.20 mm, Depth of cut: 40 mm, Overall length: 515 mm. TPI: 32 teeth per inch.
High quality swedish tempered steel. Comfortable rattan handle.
Replaceable blades that can be changed with minimum effort.
Made in Japan.

Kakuri Oire Chisel White Oak Handle Square – 15mm
Oire Nomi is the standard chisel used by Japanese carpenters and cabinetmakers. They harden to more than HRC 65 so it will maintain a sharp edge for much longer than a western equivalent chisel.
The overall length is approximately 216 mm (8.5 “). Blade length 60 mm / 2.36”. These professional grade chisels are made from high carbon steel (White # 2 steel) laminated to a low carbon backing steel.
They feature white oak handles, fitted with steel rings finished with a top of ready-to-use mushrooms .
Measures: 15 mm
Made in Japan.

Sickle Japanese Sharpening Stone With Strap
Grain 180 and 800.
Its size is 132 mm long, 30 mm wide and 39 mm high.
Made in Japan.

Ryuzo Carbon Steel (Bronze Coated) Hakkaku Hammer – 225g
This carbon steel hammer is ideal for working with Japanese chisels, adjusting the brushes and positioning your blades.
Weight: 225 gr. Total length: 332 mm.
Japanese white oak handle.
Made in Japan.

Kakuri Japanese Smooth Plane – 48mmx210mm
Japanese flat plane Kakuri. This wood plane is of high quality Japanese traditional style.
The blade and the chip remover are held in place by compression and adjusted with a Japanese hammer or wooden mallet.
The blade is made of blue steel laminated paper with soft iron. The body of the plane is made of Japanese white oak.
Width of blade: 48 mm. Body length: 210 mm. Body width: 63.5 mm.
Made in Japan.

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