Japanese Smooth Plane Kakuri – 48mm 318-480.

  • Japanese flat plane Kakuri.
  • This wood plane is of high quality Japanese traditional style.
  • The blade and the chip remover are held in place by compression and adjusted with a Japanese hammer or wooden mallet.
  • The blade is made of blue steel laminated paper with soft iron.
  • The body of the plane is made of Japanese white oak.
  • Width of blade: 48 mm.
  • Body length: 210 mm.
  • Body width: 63.50 mm.
  • Made in Japan.

Tataki Nomi INM Japanese Chisels, 3 mm TL-INM3.

  • Exceptional chisels handcrafted in Japan by master blacksmiths. Tapered blade profiles allow for deeper cutting.
  • Forged blades feature alloy steel cutting edges with soft iron fronts more forgiving in use and less likely to chip.
  • Steel re-inforced hoops prevent handles from splitting.
  • Strong Japanese red oak handles.
  • Blade width: 3mm.
  • Hardness: HRC63.
  • For cleaning nut slot on ST/TL type guitars.
  • Made in Japan.

Guitar Tools International Flat Beveled Cork Sanding Block- Guitar Luthiers – LCBS2.

  • Quality Portuguese cork. Perfect to sand any surface, flat or curved, not leaving any angle marks.
  • Adapts very easily to any surface. Use it in your guitar building too.
  • Good for bodies, tops, necks, etc. Beveled.
  • Dimensions: Long: 110mm. Width: 56mm. Thickness: 30mm. Weight: 1.60 oz.
  • Sanding Paper not included.

Double Sided Ceramic Combination Sharpening Stone – 1000/3000 – TG6310.

  • High-grade whetstone ensures effective sharpening results. Double-sided sharpening design.
  • Equipped with silica gel non-slip base guarantee safety sharpening.
  • Stone is suitable for sharpening knives, woodworking, and gardening tools.
  • Mesh & Micron: Mesh: 1000#; Micron: 9.1um, Mesh: 3000#; Micron: 4.2um.
  • Hardness: HRB≥35. Hardness Scope of Knife: HRC≤65°. Grinding Material: Corundum.
  • Stone size: 180*60*28mm/7”x2.35”x1.10″. Stone Weight: 558g./1.23Lb.
  • Made in China.

Ryoba Japanese Razorsaw Double Edge 180mm – Gyokucho – RZ-291.

  • The Razorsaw Double Edge Ryoba Saw by Gyokucho® is an all-purpose performer that has two sets of teeth—one for ripping and one for crosscutting, like most Japanese saws, it cuts on the pull stroke, putting the blade in tension for an exceptionally fine, straight cut since the kerf is narrow, very little energy is required.
  • Ryobas are often described by blade length (in millimeters), because this usually indicates the saw’s main uses, in general, shorter saws have finer teeth, enabling you to do more exacting work, a unique feature of the Gyokucho Ryoba Saws is the handle, which can be tilted in relation to the blade, this allows access into areas otherwise awkward or impossible to reach.
  • Luthiers, carpenters, restoration workers, and boat builders will find this feature particularly useful, the handle is wrapped with rubber for a secure grip.
  • Impulse hardened teeth for extended wear tilted handle allows access to awkward places, replaceable blades, designed to fit into a toolbox or work bag, use to cut solid wood, plywood, veneered wood, engineered wood, and more.
  • Specifications: Blade length: 7-inch. Overall length: 15-inch. Teeth per inch: Crosscut 19TPI and Rip 9TPI. Made in Japan.

Ryuzo Ryoguchi Hammer – 300g – 41201.

  • These hammers are forged of the best quality Japanese steel, as these are carefully tempered so that it is hard and resistant. Each head is cleverly mechanized to balance and control the stroke.
  • It has a flat and a convex side with a contoured grip. It is ideal for woodworking.
  • The handle is made of Japanese white oak.
  • Head weight: 300g.
  • Material: carbon steel.
  • Diameter: 26.5 mm
  • Total length: 332 mm.
  • Made in Japan.

Additional information

Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 3 in

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