KAKURI Fine Cut Saw Universal Cut 270mm 501-270


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  • Total length: 514 mm.
  • Length of the blade: 270 mm.
  • Handle length: 215 mm.
  • Blade thickness: 0.60 mm.
  • Teeth crossed: 1 mm.

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  • The KAKURI Fine Cut Saw Series has been designed to allow equal versatility of its tools and uses.
  • Every blade and handle in the series is completely interchangeable to enable the craftsman the ability to customize the entire range of Japanese pull saws to suit each specific purpose.
  • Each blade in this series is made to the highest quality using only Japanese or Swedish steel.
  • These metals are highly regarded and are used by professional craftsmen around the world.
  • Some of the fine-tooth blades are hand-filed, giving you the accuracy and ease of cutting in every pull of the saw.
  • The handle mechanism to hold the blade is uniquely streamlined to eliminate any chance of the latch getting in the way of your material.
  • The Kakuri Fine Cut Saw Series delivers versatility and quality in tools used by fine craftsmen for the trades of boat builders and shipwrights, makers of musical instruments, cabinet-makers, box makers, carpenters, and in joinery.

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