Kakuri Oire Chisel White Oak Handle – Square – 36mm – 41519


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‘- Blade Width: 36 mm.
– The overall length is approximately 216 mm (8.5 “).
– Blade length 60 mm / 2.36”.
– These professional grade chisels are made from high carbon steel (White # 2 steel) laminated to a low carbon backing steel.
– They feature white oak handles, fitted with steel rings finished with a top of ready-to-use mushrooms.
– Made in Japan.

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The tradition of Japanese chisels goes back more than 1000 years. Its technique and construction is very old and today it is a protected art.
As in the manufacture of swords, a high degree of perfection has been achieved over the centuries. Because of this, these chisels have the advantage of lasting a long time without resorting to alloys.
This provides a very high quality metal and a great hardness, superior to the blades of the western chisels.
The secret of that quality lies in the type of steel and its treatment. The most commonly used types are white steel (softer but easier to sharpen) and blue (with alloy components). It is in the tools blue steel where we find the edges more durable and a greater resistance to abrasion. These harden to a higher degree than the western chisels, reaching to surpass the 64 Rockwell points. The result is a blade of steel with edges that resist impacts very well and maintain the cut without detours.
Another characteristic of the Japanese chisels is the union between blade and handle. The Japanese system (also called “oriental”) is based on a Tang system. Unlike what happens in the western chisels, the blade is fitted inside the handle through a spike. Finally, another feature of these fascinating chisels is its shape. The blade is shorter and in proportion more square than the western ones.
Also, the handle is usually cylindrical, without ergonomic profiles. This form makes for some carpenters or cabinetmakers a tool that generates some confusion.in spite of it, its benefits are excellent if they are used with a wood mallet.
Oire Nomi is the standard chisel used by Japanese carpenters and cabinetmakers. – They harden to more than HRC 65 so it will maintain a sharp edge for much longer than a western equivalent chisel.

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