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Maza Fx Delay – Modulation – Reverb Guitar Pedal – MAGIC


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  • Delay – Modulation – Reverb Guitar Pedal
  • Magic pedal has a unique effect. It has an incredible tone that allows you make high quality sounds. Their algorithm was created for get permanent sonority chords, nice arpeggios involved in a beautiful modulation surrounded for a hall type Reverb with an incredible natural delay. All of them blended for the pleasure of your ears.
  • Magic Includes: A delay from one second to endless repetitions. A delay hall type mixed with a great modulation. BLEND: mix the signal with and without effect.
  • It has a True Bypass switch as all Maza Fx products. This pedal works only with a 9V DC adapter and requires 60 mA. The pedal has one year of warranty by the manufacturer. Do not use low quality DC adapters, because they could make several damages and undesirables noises to the pedal.
  • Made in Argentina by Maza Fx.
  • Youtube video of the pedal:
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