• The Essence shimmer verb pedal, is a digital reverb that uses a 24-bit DPS that ensures the highest quality to highlight your audio. It also has a shimmer effect (polyphonic octaves) and modulation. It is an outstanding pedal due their quality and musicality.
  • This pedal has four knobs control, a) BLEND: mix the signal with/without the effect, b) SHIMMER: give depth and volume to the “Shimmer” effect (octave), c) DECAY: set the reverb length, d) MOD: depth and speed of the modulation (chorus).
  • It has a True Bypass switch as all Maza Fx products. This pedal works with a 9V DC adapter and also with a 9V battery, removing the back cover screws and requires 60 mA.
  • The pedal has one year of warranty by the manufacturer. Do not use batteries or DC adapters of low quality because they could make several damages and undesirables noises to the pedal.
  • Made in Argentina by Maza Fx.