• X-Plex pedal emulates the sound of the 60’ Marshall amplifiers and the best of Jmp and Jtm in a compact size for any setup and easy to place on the pedalboard. The Great Crunch and Leads sounds are associated with all types of guitar and musical styles.
  • X-Plex pedal has a tone, gain and a volume control for effects adjustments. It also, has a booster control to increase the volume and sustain. “The best Plexi in a box”. 
  • It has a True Bypass switch as all Maza Fx products, incorporating the “Relay Bypass” system delivering a maximum reduction of pop noise, when turning on and off the effect, with an effective and comfortable soft switch.
  • This pedal works with a 9V DC adapter, also with a 9V battery, removing the back cover screws.  
  • The pedal has one year of warranty by the manufacturer. Do not use batteries or DC adapters of low quality because they could make several damages and undesirables noises to the pedal. 
  • Made in Argentina by Maza Fx.