Premium Electric Guitar Strings 09-42 – Pitbull Strings Gold Series – GEG-SL


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  • Gold Series Electric Guitar Strings Super Light.
  • Gauge: .009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042
  • PITBULL GOLD, American hexagonal steel wrapped around the core wire of nickel-plated steel wire.
  • It has a wonderful tension, ideal for professional use.
  • The best materials in the PITBULL GOLD series have been used to deliver sound accurately and consistently.
  • It has been carefully manufactured to allow musicians to enjoy their music.
  • Thanks to the vacuum package, the wires come out fresh from the package.

Out of stock


“Pitbull Strings is a state-backed boutique instrument strings manufacturing company. It is the only registered trademark of guitar and bass strings in Turkey. The steps of all the production are designed and controlled with great precision. It is important to note that while producing our strings, we meet the expectations of the performers in the best way to produce appropriate tunes and longest possible usage of strings while addressing different musical styles. All the materials used in our products are the best quality combinations that are compatible with each other. All the strings were produced through a long R&D process and packaged with “Anti Rust Fresh Package System”.

As Pitbull Strings applies MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packing) method to packs, the life of the strings is 10 times higher than others. Since they are packed with MAP, they don’t have contact with air, humidity and oxygen, so they are not corroded. When you take your strings out of the package, you will meet fresh strings as from the factory. PITBULL Strings is using the Anti-Rust Fresh Package to ensure that our product are not affected by all harsh environment during shipment like dirty and damp environment in maritime transport, customs, warehouses etc.

Pitbull Bite

A different winding style is used at the end of the bass guitar strings in order to hold on to the tuners as a pitbull chin to prevent slipping.

Coated Strings

The nano coating on the strings is developed by Turkish scientists as a result of intensive R&D process. The coating makes the string resistant to corrosion but does not affect the natural sound. The coating also increases the life-time of the strings up to 3-5 times without changing the tone and feeling.

Nickel Alloy

Most string manufacturers prefer nickel-plated coils instead of nickel alloy coils as they are low cost. But over time, nickel-plated coating peels off. To prevent this, Pitbull Strings uses nickel alloy winding in bass guitar strings. Both, the warm sound of the nickel and the sharpness of the steel come together to form the pitbull’s superb growl. In addition, resistance to corrosion is increased.


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