Shinto Wood Saw Rasp Angle Type 200mm TL-S-SRD200


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  • Japanese Saw Rasp – Made in Japan
  • Made of 10 riveted double sides saw blades
  • Non-clogging design

Out of stock

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  • Japanese Saw Rasp – Made in Japan
  • Made of 10 riveted double sides saw blades
  • Non-clogging design
  • Double-sided – Coarse (11 teeth per inch) and a fine side(25 teeth per inch)
  • Designed to remove wood on the push stroke
  • 2 large handles allow for easier handling when using over a large surface.
  •  Overall length with wooden handle
  • 10” (260mm) blade length, Overall Length 15” (385mm).
  • This Japanese Saw Rasp works great at rapidly remove wood stock and is suitable for the guitar neck and body shaping from start to finish.
  • One side is coarse for rapid wood removal and a fine side for the finishing cuts  
  • The unique saw blade design eliminates clogging and will save you a lot of time.
  • Removable Blade.

1 review for Shinto Wood Saw Rasp Angle Type 200mm TL-S-SRD200

  1. Colin M

    Taken from Customer

    Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2020

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Absolutely amazing for so many things.

    This is the (apparently quite hard to find) version of the rasp plane that has the front handle knob – absolutely, absolutely a must-have, I don’t know how anyone would use the other one for moderate-heavy work (which this is more than capable of) without it.

    It takes the exact same replacement blades as the other version, so spend the extra money hunting down this version with the forward handle.

    The ergos are pretty good, I would honestly have preferred the rear handle not be parallel to the work, since it does leave those of us with big hands open for an occasionally raised splinter if we’re not careful, but this is a nitpicky gripe.

    This rasp won’t replace any hand planes, but it does work really well WITH hand planes. I’ve been using it extensively on an enormous 10 foot by 4-foot workbench top made from construction 2×4’s, and it was unavoidable to have a couple of huge knots that either stop my scrub plane dead or explode, creating a huge gouge. This rasp lets me hog down that knot without a worry in 10-20 seconds so it’s a lower spot than the rest and my plane can glide down. Unbelievably useful for the initial flattening.

    The fine cut is also very nice, leaving an ~80 grit sanded finish. I’d say the rough side is a 40 grit. It can gouge if you’re not even with the pressure, so don’t press down too hard, you really don’t need to. Let the rasp do the work.

    If you really need to work on large surfaces where you need the raised handle, this thing is a godsend. The blades are beastly, too, I haven’t tried them on steel (and won’t) but they just chew through aluminum and plastic. I used the normal handheld version in shaping new billet aluminum knobs for my stove and it just laughed at the job.

    Overall, this is a much more niche tool than the regular Shinto hand rasp, but I could definitely still use this one like the regular one, and this can do things that the regular one cannot, so if you’ve got that little bit of extra money and can only get one, go for this one.

    But if you have the money (and let’s be frank, it isn’t expensive) get both. Shinto rasps are better than any rasp you’ve ever held in your hand by an order of magnitude, they seemingly CANNOT clog (I’ve never succeeded anyways) and they seem to last a very, very long time. The only way they could get better is if they released a round version for curved work. I’d love that.

    Absolutely essential tool for any wood, resin, or soft metal (brass, aluminum, copper, etc) worker’s shop.

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