Thomastik Electric Guitar Strings Infeld IN111


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  • Infeld guitar strings with superalloy wrap wire deliver bright, cutting tone and they measurably produce more power than other strings, and higher gain means a better signal to noise ratio. Infeld guitar strings are also perfect for heavy effects users, or for long signal paths where dropoff could be a problem.
  • Used by Students and Professionals around the world
  • Genuine Thomastik-Infeld Product
  • Gauges .011, .013, .020, .030, .042, .052
  • Made in Austria

Out of stock


Thomastik’s basic principle is to develop a high quality musical string at the latest technological level.
The combination of craftsmanship, technology and a highly qualified team is the secret of the success of Thomastik-Infeld.
This is a company that has been manufacturing instrument strings for almost 100 years, located in Vienna, Austria.
They have also focused on sustainability in social and environmental areas.
As well as in the provision of individual service to excite musicians through their products.
Strings produce music.
On the one hand, the variety and beauty of the timbres depend on the various manufacturing materials, on the other, they depend on the combination chosen in the wound.

3 reviews for Thomastik Electric Guitar Strings Infeld IN111

  1. Bob

    Taken from Customer

    Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2017

    Great Electric Guitar Strings

    Great sounding and long lasting string with a wound G for stable intonation.

  2. JMC

    Taken from Customer

    Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2015

    Best Strings Ever

    Thomastik makes the best guitar strings of all time. They cost more but they last a really long time and most importantly they stay in tune far better than any other strings. I have been playing for many years and tried every brand of string that’s commonly available. I use nothing but this set and have for years on all of my solid-body electrics.

  3. Vladimir

    Taken from Customer

    Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2015

    It works perfect with 11-52 and sounds like a log with 12-52

    My ES guitar is very exacting to the strings. It works perfectly with 11-52 and sounds like a log with 12-52. A couple of times I had to change the strings immediately. This one fits perfectly. Honey and bells in one. Highly recommended. You only should keep in mind that the 3rd string has wound.

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