• Botanic Name: Millettia Laurentii
  • Millettia Laurentii: It is a very dark and hard wood, used mainly in the production of musical instruments, pieces of furniture, floors and carpentry. This wood presents little risk of deformation, resists well to termites and moisture and has a high price, but it is difficult to work: hard to stick, nail and impregnate.
  • On the other hand, when working with this type of wood, you should bear in mind that the heartwood is not impregnable. For this reason, you should make sure to use wax-based products in the finish. Thanks to this layer, the wood is protected from the action of external agents, although it resists humidity and insect attack well. Its finishes are fine, quality and resistant, since its hardness delays the drying process and minimizes the risk of deformation.
  • Moisture Level: 5%-10%.
  • Due the shipment cost, we don’t accept returns on this listing.
  • Maybe the wood streaks are different on the ordered woods
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