Bigsby B5 Guitar Vibrato For Flat Top Electric Guitar P-GB5-A


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– Series: Original Kalamazoo Line
– Manufacturing Method: Cast
– Manufacturing Material: Aluminum
– Approximate Weight: 287 Grams
– Overall Length: 4.75″/120.65mm
– Overall Width: 3.7″/93.98mm

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  • The B5, sometimes referred to as the Bigsby “horseshoe,” is designed for flat top solid body guitars.
  • Attaching via four screws to a guitar’s top, the B5 is extremely versatile.
    B5s are common on many styles of guitars, including SGs, Les Paul Jrs, Telecasters, and Rickenbacker 325s.
  • *Designed for use on thin hollow body and semi-hollow body guitars
  • * Note: Vibramate V5 is designed for the Bigsby “Original” B5 Vibrato ONLY and will not work with other variations such as the “Licensed” B50 Model or the Import B500 Model. Make sure you have the correct Bigsby Vibrato for the proper installation of the Vibramate Kit!

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