• Hotter and sweetness than the Stack.05 this pickup has overwound coils for more aggressive sound and better attack. Its unique extended dual resonance design allows for better hi-end harmonics especially when the amplifier gain increases.
  • The lows are tight with a precise and articulate response that has just the right amount of high-end without sounding brittle. It has a coil that actually injects a negative hum into the pickup circuit making the model noiseless.
  • The middle pickup is RWRP reverse wind reverse polarity for noise cancellation in the in-between 2 and 4 positions. This pickup is a drop-in for any single coil pickup and comes with a 2-conductor shielded wire.
  • DS Pickups brand, proudly made in Buenos Aires – Argentina this pickup is hand built in their workshop and wax potted for squeal-free operation.
  • Output: Moderate. DC Resistance: 246K (neck, middle, and bridge). Magnet: hand-beveled Alnico V pole-pieces. Resonance Peak: 296KHz (neck, middle, and bridge). Inductance: 549 Henries (neck, middle, and bridge).Hum Cancelling: Yes. To listen to the sound pickup, please check out the manufacturer’s brand.