Hosco Fret Cutter and Fret Puller Set – FC-KIT


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Fret Cutter TL-FC190, Fret Puller TL-TC10, Fret Cutter w/button lock C-C28.

Out of stock

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  • This kit includes 3 pieces made in Japan: two fret cutters (for stainless steel and other materials) and a fret puller.
  • TL-FC190: 190mm total length with 26mm blade width. Flat and sharp cutting edge makes a very flat fret end. This is not suitable for stainless frets. (A recommended tool for stainless frets: C-C68). The material is made of special steel which called High Carbon tool steel.
  • TL-TC10: This Fret Puller has a flattened blade. Not suitable to cut the wires. Perfect for pulling out the frets from the fingerboard.
  • C-C28: Fret Cutter w/button lock. 210mm total length. Excellent for Frets, Piano wire, and Needle springs. We recommend using stainless wire cutting.
  • All the pieces are made from the best quality materials.


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