Fret End Dressing File Uo-Chikyu Hiroshima And Leather Gloves 21-0001/ CE-1267.Y


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Fret End Dressing File Uo-Chikyu Hiroshima,

Leather Gloves, Made in Japan

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  • Fret File
  • High-quality file for guitar fret ends Used for deburring and smoothing off fret ends
  • Made in Japan – Hardened tool steel
    2 cutting sides, 2 smooth sides
  • Length: 150mm (6″) Cutting edge: 75mm (3″)
  • Width: 3.1mm (0.123″) Thickness: 1.7mm (0.66″)
  • Leather Gloves
  • Designed for protect the luthiers hands from light duty applications such as sanding guitar bodies and finishing guitar details.
  • These leather gloves follow a classic pattern, and have an easy wearing style for comfort.
  • Made of leather.

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