Hosco Fret Crown Files, Medium TL-FF2


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– Size: Medium (Guitars and basses).
– Length: 190mm (7.5″).
– File length: 100mm (3.93″).
– Radius: 2 mm.
– Made in Japan.

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Hosco double-edged fret crowning files are extremely popular around the world. These concave files add the crown back to the fret tops after they have been leveled for accurate notes when playing. It has a rubber handle for comfortable use.

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3 reviews for Hosco Fret Crown Files, Medium TL-FF2

  1. Rabatavus

    Taken from Amazon.ca Customer

    Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2016

    5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent tool

    I have had the first experience with refretting which was painful due to the lack of specialized tools.
    Then I made myself a sanding beam, bought this, some fine sanding paper and 0000 wool steel.
    It was a breeze. I started with adjusting the truss rod so the neck is flat. Then taped the neck, covered all the frets with sharpie ink and started sanding with the beam, until all the fret marks were somehow erased with the beam. (I don’t know if I’m clear enough here) then the fret crown is used. Some frets are now plane( these are the higher ones who were sanded the most). This file turns the frets back into their circular shape in seconds. I just re-sharpie them and work them until there is a fine sharpie line on top of the fret. Which means they are still at the same level. I repeat for all the frets. Sand with sanding paper( 800 very lightly, then 1200 and 2000), and a final polish with steel wool) the result looks professional.
    In sum, this will make in seconds what other files would do in long tedious minutes, without the need to be really skillful.

  2. Al From Wisconsin

    Taken from Amazon.ca Customer

    Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2014

    Very Competent Unit

    I do the occasional fret job on my own guitars and sometimes pick up project guitars for resale. In the past, I borrowed a fret crowning file from a friend . . . but I figured that it was time for me to get one of my own. This one seems to a good quality Japanese-made file, much better than the Three-In-One file I was considering. This one is a good size for the typical medium frets found on acoustic guitars. It does a nice job without any chatter, especially when lubricated with a little candle wax. The flat plastic-dipped handle might not be comfortable for all-day production work in a guitar factory, but it’s more than adequate for repairs or the one-off builder . . . and the price is right. I recommend.

  3. Me

    Taken from Amazon.ca Customer

    Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2016


    I tried using regular files to crown my frets first, and they were difficult to get just right. With this, it’s super easy to crown your freshly leveled frets. Keep in mind, you should first level them, then use this tool to crown, then still need to use a CPL different grits of sandpaper to polish them. Once done, the guitar I did the fretwork to plays amazingly. It went from the worst playing of seven to the best. I’m very impressed with how easy it was and how well it turned out.

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