Japanese Razorsaw Saw Extra Fine Dozuki with Blade 180mm – Gyokucho – RZ-297


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– Blade Length: 180mm/7.1 inches.
– Teeth Pitch: 1.0mm TPI: 25.4.
– Cutting Width: 0.46 mm.
– Blade Thickness: 0.3mm.

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  • Dozuki Extra Fine: Dozuki wide type can cut materials up to 60mm thick. Tatebiki Noko Dozuki Style can make both crosscuts and rip cuts.
  • Replaceable blade: By changing the blade, you will have the cutting quality of a brand-new saw. The item number of the spare blade is marked on the lower right side.
  • Use: For precision woodworking, bamboo crafts, DIY, carpentry work, making furniture, and musical instruments. General timber, Laminated wood, Bamboo material, Plywood, MDF panel, Particleboard (OSB), and Formica laminate. Impulse Hardening: The surface of the blade is super hard but the inside is flexible. They are strong against friction and they last longer.
  • Luthiers, carpenters, restoration workers, and boat builders will find this feature particularly useful. The handle is wrapped with rubber for a secure grip.
  • Special surface treatment to avoid rust. Impulse-hardened teeth for extended wear. Replaceable blades. Designed to fit into a toolbox or work bag. Made in Japan.

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