• This new version of the successful Echo Tape Delay Temptation has a new time subdivision, the tone button was modified for increase the tone range of the repetitions and improve the circuit to get a clear and warm sound.
  • This pedal has analogue components with digital controls to recreate tape vintage sound. No doubt their sound is a temptation. this pedal has: a) Tap tempo (just with two steps you can set up the delay tempo), b) Time divider, c) Modulation, a high delay of 860 ms, d) Tone control and professional sound quality. Emulates the vintage tape delay performance, similar to the most famous bands like Pink Floyd and the most complex setting like the “the Edge” from U2. You can achieve the finest sounds thanks their digital control.
  • When the pedal is turn on the “Time Divider” set ups on quarter notes tempo (all leds off), with one click change to dotted eight notes tempo, with an additional click to quarter notes triplets, then to eight notes, then eight notes triplets and finally sixteenth notes. If you push it again the “Time Divider” will be back to a quarter notes. it has a True Bypass switch as all Maza Fx products.
  • This pedal works with a 9V DC adapter and also with a 9V battery, removing the back cover screws and requires 40 mA. The pedal has one year of warranty by the manufacturer. Do not use batteries or DC adapters of low quality because they could make several damages and undesirables noises to the pedal.
  • Made in Argentina by Maza Fx.