• Compatible with post spacings from 74.0 – 74.5 mm. Features special retainer springs to prevent bridge rattles or string buzz.
  • Saddles supplied without preconfigured string grooves allowing for individual string spacing. Saddles are made of brass. Slant angle to be determined by guitar maker based on scale length and string gauge.
  • Non-reverse: intonations screws show to the pickups.
  • 2 press-in bushings M7 with 2 height-adjustment screws M5 (metric).
  • Technical specification: Distance height adjustment screws 74 – 745mm string spacing E-e 525mm string radius 12“-14“ (usable for fretboard max. 10-16 inch, depending on the notches of the string saddles more outside or inside) minimal G/d string height above body 137mm weight 53g (70g with accessories).