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– Model:  GT Single guitar and ukulele – GT Butterbean buttons.
– Tuner Configuration: 3 per side.
– Gear ratio: 18:1.
– Post Length: .30 post for solid headstock 21,7.
– Hardware included: bushing, washers, and screws.
– Finish: Black.

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  • With its cutting-edge Velvet-Tec* technology the all-new Schaller GrandTune® is the ultimate combination of tasteful design and velvet-smooth feel and touch.
  • Due to its revolutionary conception, the GrandTune® offers precision and longevity second to none.
  • 1:18 gear ratio supports precise and velvet-smooth tuning.
  • Hyper-accurate gear joints and fittings without polymer coatings present perfect stick-slip performance and zero wear and slackening. GrandTune® features permanently locked, sealed, and covered screw joints for zero degradation and maintenance-free performance.
  • They rather help to avoid a common problem with classical guitar tuners and the contact of the rollers inside the headstock. The Deluxe string roller’s ball bearings effectively cure increased friction and resistance between shaft and wood often resulting in crackling and creaking noises whenever the tuners are turned.
  • Weight g/item: 25
  • Bore mm: 6.0

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Weight 15 oz




Tuner Configuration

3 per side




Acoustic Guitar

Gear Ratio



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