Schaller Megaswitch T Electric Guitar – 5 Way 15310001


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Manufactured for extreme precision: Snaps cleanly into all switch positions.

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  • These switches substantially broaden the range of possible sounds on electric guitars.
  • They allow coil combinations on the pickups which are impossible to create using conventional standard switches.
  • Installation is simple – neither woodwork nor drill holes are required on the back plate .
  • Simply remove the wires from the old switch by heating the connections with a soldering iron, then remove the switch and replace it with the Megaswitch.
  • Solder the wires according to the diagram.
  • Possible Aplications:
  • Type: T
  • Position: 5
  • Connections: 8
  • SSS / HH / HS / SH / H / SS

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Alpha, DiMarzio, Hosco, Schaller P, Schaller S

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