Schatten Designs Poly-Coated Pickup Coil Wire 43 AWG – CGPN43


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This is the type of coil wire used for most of the pickups being built at this time. The copper wire has a single layer of polyurethane as the insulator with an overcoat of nylon.

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  • The poly-coated wire is the modern standard; consistent coating gives a cleaner, more uniform sound in similar pickups with the same number of windings.
  • Each 1/2-pound roll has over 25,000 feet of wire, enough to wind 5-6 single-coil pickups, or 2-3 humbuckers. 43 AWG is used at the Tele neck position and in Rickenbacker pickups.
  • 43-gauge wire requires fewer windings to attain the desired coil resistance.



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