Shinto Saw Rasp – New Packaging – E2101


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  • Japanese Saw Rasp – Made in Japan
  • Made of 10 riveted double sides saw blades

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  • Japanese Saw Rasp, made of 10 riveted double sides saw blades, Non-clogging design, 11” (283mm) blade length. 15 ½”(390mm) Overall length with rubber handle.
  • Double-sided – Coarse (11 teeth per inch) and a fine side(25 teeth per inch). designed to remove wood on the push stroke.
  • This Japanese Saw Rasp works great at rapidly removing wood stock and is suitable for the guitar neck and body shaping from start to finish.
  • One side is coarse for rapid wood removal and a fine side for the finishing cuts, also, you can use metals like iron, copper, aluminum, and lead. powerful for finishing surfaces and shaving plastic materials, plasterboards, leather, etc. the unique saw blade design eliminates clogging and will save you a lot of time.
  • Made in Japan.

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