Tremolo Stopper – Brass Block Hex Screw Allen Key – TS1-GTI

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-Includes: 1 × brass block (1.05″ L x .39″ W x .49″ H).
-1 × Allen key, 2 mm.
-1 × Allen screw (M4 x .70 thread, 20 mm length).
-1 × hex nut (M4 x .70 thread).
-2 × countersunk mounting screws (10 mm length).

In stock


  • Brass tremolo stopper. Used as a floating bridge stop for Fender and Floyd Rose style tremolo systems.
  • Prevents inadvertent vibrato effects produced by resting the picking hand over the bridge while playing.
  • Allows for down-bends and prevents up-bends for a stabilized return of the whammy bar.
  • Allen screw can be easily reversed to allow for a floating bridge setup again.

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