• Botanic Name: Cordia Dodecandra
  • Cordia Dodecandra: the Ziricote is one of the woods known as “PRECIOUS WOODS”, the quality of its sound is very good and its spectacular beauty, giving the guitar a luxurious and stately appearance.
  • From Central America and Mexico. Its color varies from medium brown to dark brown, either with green or purple tones, with the band of black rings of growth intertwined. It can also look golden like hard maple.
  • Straight grain and slightly interlaced. The wood is stable once dry. It worked easily despite its hardness with density 805 kg / m3. It is likely that its price is quite expensive even above some rosewood and approaching the cost of ebony.
    Its particles in suspension can produce irritations, so it is recommended to take protective measures. It is used for sound boxes.
  • Moisture Level: 5%-10%.
  • Due the shipment cost, we don’t accept returns on this listing.
  • Maybe the wood streaks are different on the ordered woods
  • Please request pictures before your order.