• Engelmann spruce is an amazingly strong, light and flexible wood which is prized by guitar makers for its stiffness-to-weight ratio. It also has beautiful colour and grain. The trees selected for this wood are large enough to produce fine concert guitars.
  • 2A Grade: Quartersawn within 12 degrees. Limited run out allowed. Minimum of 8 annual rings/inch. Medium color allowed, medium compression allowed. Grain spacing can be less even than is allowed in a 3A piece. Cosmetically sound.
  • Not as stiff as 3A but a very usable soundboard. Small defects allowed outside of the working area.”
    Often used as an alternative to German spruce, Engelmann spruce has uniform color, tight grain, and great sound projection.
  • Set of two halves included.
  • Each half is approximately 560mm x 223mm.
  • Thickness = 5mm.