• Traditional thumbscrew-style locking functionality with Gotoh technology. Pull the string taught through the tuner hole, and with a twist of the thumbwheel, the string is locked into the post. Just a few turns of the tuner knob and you’re up to pitch. Since there’s just a partial wrap of string around the post, tuning stability is dramatically improved. Locking tuners are excellent for non-locking tremolo guitars, and for players that do heavy string-bending.
  • Rock Solid™ string posts eliminate looseness and reduce backlash for improved tuning stability. No more wobbly string posts to cause tuning problems.
  • The Lubri-Coat™ process electro-coats the gears with a special polymer layer. This eliminates the need for oil and keeps the lubrication where it’s needed, for the life of the tuner.
  • Lubri-Plate (lubricated composite plating layer) is applied to the worm and foil to maximize its meshing accuracy and durability. By applying GSP * 2 (GOTOH original non-oil lubricant), its performance is further improved.
  • Gold Finish. Ratio: 1:18. Button 04.Made in Japan by Gotoh. 10mm (13/32”) diameter peg holes required. Threaded hex bushings and mounting screws included. Set of 6: 3 left 3 right.