Tataki Nomi INM Japanese Chisels, 3 mm TL-INM3

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– Use: Tataki Nomi is the standard chisel used by workers who specialize in musical instrument making, door working, furniture making, and carpentry.
– Blade Width: 3 mm.
– Length: The overall length is approximately 225 mm.
– Hardness: They harden to more than HRC 63 so they will maintain a sharp edge for much longer than a western equivalent chisel.
– They feature red oak handles fitted with steel rings finished with a top of ready-to-use mushrooms.

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The Tataki Nomi chisels offer an excellent introduction to Japanese Nomi for those woodworkers who have never used a Japanese chisel before. With all the features expected of a Japanese chisel, these have alloy steel lined backs and hollow ground handles to reduce friction during cutting and to make flattening the back bevel easier. The profile of the chisel is tapered for better clearance when performing deep cuts. Forged blades feature alloy steel cutting edges with soft iron fronts more forgiving in use and less likely to chip. Tapered blade profiles allow for deeper cutting. Steel-reinforced hoops prevent handles from splitting.

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2 reviews for Tataki Nomi INM Japanese Chisels, 3 mm TL-INM3

  1. axegod51501096

    Taken from eBay.com customer

    Past Year


  2. BlackMacX

    Taken from Amazon.ca Customer

    Reviewed in Canada on August 16, 2020

    Good quality starter chisel

    The chisel is a good quality steel and both hold a keen edge and cuts well. The biggest issue is that as with all Japanese chisels, beyond a good initial sharpening, you’ll need to properly remove and set the hoop. This is unusual for Japanese chisels and you should look up how to do it.
    But this chisel takes the edge well, retains it, and also, once the hoop is set, is good to go for use.

    One thing I like additionally regarding Japanese chisels over Western ones is the shorter blade and overall shorter length. For your average home user, this improves the control of and use of, the chisel, I find.

    I would recommend this chisel.

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