WD Copper Shielding Foil 8″ X 12″ CSF


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Copper Shielding Foil,
Convenient Self-Stick Back.

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  • 8″ X 12″ Copper Shielding Foil.
  • Copper Shielding Foil helps shield the electronics in a guitar from interference such as lights, amps and electric motors like ceiling fans and electric appliances
  • Convenient Self-Stick Back.
  • Part Number: CSF

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3 reviews for WD Copper Shielding Foil 8″ X 12″ CSF

  1. grandpa

    Taken from Amazon.ca Customer

    Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2013

    Copper Shielding Foil (peel and stick)

    This peel and stick Copper foil work wonders for shielding electronics from interference. I have used this tape on one other guitar I recently finished. No hum, no buzz, just quiet. There is enough foil tape (8″ X 12″) to do two guitars with two single coils if you are carefully making your cuts. I slightly overlap, 1/8″ to 1/4″. The glue is conductive, so you don’t need to solder the joint overlaps. If you are doing 3 single coils or two humbucking pickups, you may not have enough to do two complete guitars. It does what it is supposed to and the cost is minimal. I will never build or repair another electric without it.
    Tip: measure and cut/tape the bottom of your cavities. Next measure and tape the pickup cavity ends. If the cavity is 1″ deep cut it 1 1/4″, so it will lap over the bottom. Next measure and cut the longer sides, front, and back. Make them a little long so they will overlap the ends. In the tele control cavity, I did the bottom first, using two pieces. It is easier to work with shorter pieces in the deeper, larger control cavity. I used two short pieces on either side. I could not get the tape inside the output jack cavity. Great product.

  2. CDP’s Onceagain habit of purchasingTop

    Taken from Amazon.ca Customer

    Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2012

    Copper Shielding Foil

    This lightweight copper foil-like shielding is used to block EMF from affecting the pickups, pots wiring and electronics in the body cavity of an electric guitar. It Came folded and is 8″ by 24″ approximately. It is a product of WD Music Products, Inc. The back is coated with adhesive covered by a heavy paper, which peals off. When applied to the cavity of the guitar body it adheres adequately to stay in place, but adhesives being what they are, I will add a Tack or two and some Gorilla Glue where the edges meet the Wood cavity. The purpose is to shield and reduce electrical interference noise. This is a good product for it’s intended purpose and it could also be used for decorative copper uses in arts and crafts and where a copper stick on use may be warranted. It states 8″ x 12″ but my sheet was 24″ x 8″ unfolded.

  3. Sum1

    Taken from Amazon.ca Customer

    Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2013

    Easy to use and works great.

    This stuff is as advertised. It’s copper foil. I was pleasantly surprised by how heavy it is. I was expecting something a lot thinner.

    The backing comes off easily, and the glue sticks well. It presses in smoothly and is easy to trim. You just have to make sure you press it in the cavities evenly and completely. I used the curved back of a sharpie to get into the corners.

    I have a tele, so I needed to run wires between cavities to connect and ground them (not a problem with a strat). This shielding was heavy enough that I was able to solder the ground wires directly to it. I just stuck a thin strip of it over the solders when done to keep it looking nice. In the main cavity I was able to move all my grounds to the shielding to make a universal ground there instead of on the back of the tone pots.

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