• PPTM10: High-quality bastard steel leveling file, glued to a handle of wood, for easier fret leveling job. Long: 150mm. Height: 60mm. Width: 25mm.
  • AIJP1006A: Excellent quality fret puller. Full flush cut to better bite the fret. Use only to pull frets, avoid cutting frets with it.
  • TCS001:Very useful tool when refretting. With these, the chips coming from the fretboard will be less, the re-fret will be cleaner, and save a lot of work avoid gluing. Long: 150mm. Width: 20mm. Thickness: 0.5mm.
  • TBEV002: Excellent tool to bevel your frets. You can use it at 90º or 35º inclination. Made of European hardwood (oak or ash). 3mm smooth file included. 35º/90º Oak Wood Bevel Fret Tool. 3mm smooth file included.
  • FR-S: 4-in-1 mini straightedge spans three frets. Indicate uneven fret heights. Make it versatile for any fretted instrument, from basses to guitars to mandolins. The Fret Rocker is made of stainless steel with a durable finish for professional use. It’s an indispensable diagnostic tool, before and after partial re-fretting and recrowning jobs. It lets you do more accurate fretwork for better playability.
  • 5002-02: Medium Radius fret crowning file for medium frets. The 5002 Series of fret crowning files are all double-sided, with both sides having the same radius. Cutting width 2.68mm (0.105″). High quality, durable and precise made-in-Japan file. Genuine Uo-Chikyu brand by Hiroshima Files