• For woodcraft bamboo craft and final touch for woodworking and musical instruments. The cutting width is very thin and clean. By changing the blade you will have the cutting quality of a brand new saw. The item number of the spare blade is marked on the lower right side.
  • The entire handle is coated with elastomer resin and it gives you a good grip. Smaller than 180mm you can put it in your toolbox. They are great for craftwork and finishing touch. Great for DIY. Our saws with straight handles are mostly for indoor use. There are single-edge saws and double-edge saws.
  • Blade Length: 180mm/7.1 inches. Teeth Pitch: 1.5mm TPI: 16.9mm. Blade Thickness: 0.3mm. Special surface treatment in order to avoid rust.
  • The surface of the blade is coated with nickel and it prevents rust. The item number of the spare blade is marked on the blade for identifying which blade to purchase. Details are permanently marked by laser. The surface of the blade is super hard but the inside is flexible. They are strong against friction and they last longer. The tip of the blade is curved. With such a structure, you can make holes on a flat surface. Ideal for carpentry work. Cross-cut saws cut wood fibers at a certain width. If you use a cross-cut saw for making rip cuts you cannot make smooth and easy cuts. Hijirime is making variations on the height of the teeth edges. It greatly improves cutting quality. Lower edges remove sawdust. By putting sets on the teeth it prevents the blade from being stuck in between the material.
  • Made in Japan.